Past Lives Productions Inc

Past Lives Productions Inc. is a company whose members and affiliates have a combined experience of over 25 years in film, theatre, and other areas of the entertainment industry.

  • Produce films and various other mediums for worldwide release using all distribution opportunities and all avenues available.

  • Co-production with other countries.

  • Utilize cost-effective production methods in order to maximize resources and budget availability.

  • Create a profit situation for investors/financiers and be able to establish a lasting partnership with a win/win effect.

  • Incorporate a marketing plan using all available tools, including multimedia, trailer, print, internet, radio, etc.

  • To have a high calibur of talent and skill within the mainstrean while remaining within a workable budget.

  • Be complient with all laws and regulations of all governing bodies.

  • Create a lasting impression that will exude confidence that, as an investor, you have chosen a company you would want to invest with now and in the future.