Past Lives Productions Inc


What Did She Say

Love And Trafficking Needs No Interpretation

A desperate young woman flees a prearranged marriage in Croatia... to unknowingly become a stripper in a nightclub and the property of an Eastern European mobster.
During her debut, she flees with a drunken UN interpreter and his friends who were there for his bachelor party. Found together the next morning by his fiance, and with no recollection of the events from the night before, the interpreter reluctantly agrees to assist the young woman. Learning her circumstances, he finds himself being blackmailed by the man who wants her back and coerced by the DEA to help take down the mob that brought her here.
Can he untangle the situation in time? info page

Past Lives Productions Inc.,
in association with its affiliates, will be creating this project with the intention of profit for investors and company.

A percentage of the film's profits will be going to the foundations who have endorsed us and support our production with their patronage.

No person should be the victim of Human Trafficing and no survivor's story should be hidden from the light.